Hellooo everybody (By everybody I mean the four to five people who read my blog), how was your week? Mine was excellent or excel-lente as Kevin James would say it. I had a lovely trip to Mumbai to visit some of my friends there and ate lots of Golas there. Which might explain the reason why my eyes are watering like I have been forced to watch Sura movie three times continuously.

Anyhoo, I had to blog about the recent Hawt news doing the rounds which is Mr.Bin Laden being shot down by the US. As happy as I am with the fact that the leader of a big terrorist group was being shot dead I can’t help but giggle with the amount of sarcastic, funny and mokka sms and tweets doing the rounds. I am going to list couple of my favourite ones.

1.) Now that Osama is dead can I travel with 125 ml shampoo in flights?

2.) This one was over heard by yours truly in a bus between two payyans:

Guy 1: Ennada Osama out aame

Guy 2: Inda US oru vethu da. Nalaiku sagapora kezhavana pottu tallitu ipdi peethikaranga. 

But really the US has managed to find Osama only after SO many years when they should have done these years back., that too with this much resources and AFTER bombing entire Afganisthan and after looting Iran and Iraq in the pretext of the fight against terrorism? So I do not get their sense of pride or accomplishment when Obama gives all these speeches telling how US has finally done justice. Your thoughts?


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