Five Star – Not!

Since jotting down points is one of my interests and also since I am unable to think of anything clever to blog right now, let me present to you the top five most stupid and uncouth things I have noticed some men do in workplaces. Before you pounce on me let me also add that most of the points below have been confirmed by my other girlfriends as occurring in their workplaces too.

1.)    Please, pretty please do not push past ladies when you are getting into the company bus. There is place for everyone in the bus and you won’t be left standing. It’s not only rude to push past them, but it’s downright inhuman to push past heavily pregnant ladies. It makes me wonder what kind of manners you were taught growing up or whether you don’t realize you are never ever going to get a date with any girl who sees you doing this.

2.)    Do not, I repeat do not burp loudly during a conference/meeting or a business lunch or for that matter even a normal lunch with your team mates/friends. It’s an extremely uncouth behavior and you will go100 points down in my book if you do it. There are subtle ways to burp and you should always apologize after you do it. Burping in public is not your birth right!

3.)    Slamming the door on the face of the girl coming right behind you. You needn’t go out of your way to keep the door open for the next person coming in, but would it hurt if you have to hold the door open for another 3 seconds in order to let the girl right behind you get in? Is that so difficult?

4.)    Do not ask a girl her age. This is such an age old proverb that I would think you would have it ingrained in your head by now. But no, I have had many guys come to me and ask my age. Also if the girl politely declines giving an answer to your obviously stupid question let go. Don’t stand by pestering her until she is forced to give you an answer.

5.)    Do not offer a girl any marital advice. It’s none of your fcuking business and please be assured that every girl has her own plans and reasons for having gotten married or to still remain single. Every time you get an urge to offer your extremely vast knowledge in this subject, do everyone a favor and slap yourself hard on your face.