On Names

Have you ever wondered about names? I mean really sat down and pondered over it? I have done it , infact I do it more than the prescribed normal level. Or so I am told. I often think if my name is stylish enough or if its smart enough or if its a name that can actually make an impact on people (don’t ask me what that means!) etc etc. I often bug my mom as to why she didn’t give more thought about my name. If I ever hear a name which I think is better than mine you can be rest assured I’ll be interrogating my parents the whole evening as to why they didn’t think of that name for me. I sometimes even choose friends by their names (I know I know, terrible!) or rather keep worrying about my friend’s name or even feel sorry for them (only in private) that their parents screwed their lives forever with such a horrendous name.

I think a parent’s most important duty towards their child is to name them right. I mean think about it, if you give your kid a way too traditional or a funny name they are gonna get teased for it all through their life. Like for ex I know a guy who is called SrinivasaRamanujam and his father’s name is Mohan.  Whoa!! How unfair is that? It seems he was named after his grandfather. Now I feel like torturing his father on his behalf, yes I am very charitable like that. The father has a far more non teasable, stylish name than his son. If this is not a failure as a parent’s duty then I am not sure what is 🙂

There is one more naming tradition for Indian parents. Many tend to name their kids with rhyming names. Have you heard of it? Like the sisters would be called divya and ramya or the brothers would be called ajay and vijay or the brother and the sister would be called murali and anjali. I mean what is with that? Who started this tradition? Is it ‘cool’ if your kids name rhyme? Sadly I belong to this ‘cool’ group.Me and my elder sister have rhyming names and my mother tells me proudly that the only names they even considered for me was the ones that rhymed with my sister’s.  I imagine my naming ceremony. Everyone would have been assigned a pen and a paper to note down names that rhyme with my sisters and my parents would have chosen the one which rhymes the most. Bingo. Such joy no? Indian second kids make it so easy on their parents for naming them. I mean the formula is straight forward, simple and just has 3 steps:

1.) Take elder kid’s name for reference.

2.) Jot down all names that rhymes with it.

3.) Choose the name that rhymes the best.

See easy peesey!!

I am pretty ambition less and I am mostly happy with my life and have no strong goals ( wow I so don’t sound like a loser here) except two.

1.) Never to have rhyming names for my kids

2.) To keep a more stylish name for my kids than mine and not something like Abitagujalambal 😉

So is there anyone out there who is as name obsessed as me? Do let me know and you shall make a girl happy (Come on it can’t be that hard. No?)